About us

Danelca provides IPTV systems and related products to businesses and directly to end users

Danelca was established in 2005 initially providing Scandinavian clients with satellite dish installations in Southern Spain. In 2010, Danelca initiated the development of IPTV - Internet Protocol TeleVision - and, in recent years, has been pioneering the development of television without borders.

Among the products from Danelca's data centre is BoxTV, an end user product which enables the client to access IPTV channels from Scandinavia, the UK, Germany, and France, among others, via the Internet.

Development of IPTV software and distribution of IP products for business or sub-distributors of IPTV
Danelca is the first IPTV provider of Scandinavian channels in Spain, and since then, and a large number of English channels. Moreover, Danelca provides service to other businesses, including data and IPTV traffic customized to the specific needs of the client.
At current, Danelca streams over 300 different channels, mostly to end users / private customers.
Danelca has software to IPTV receivers and applications to "standalone" products, or unique IT products.
Via Data centre in Europe, we give access to IPTV services. These services are provided to private customers, as well as business customers.
Danelca is divided in Danelca S.C. and Grupo Danelca 2012 S.L., both registered in Spain with:

- Installation permits (all staff, technicians, and managers).

- Import/export permits of hardware and software.

- IPTV streaming permits from The Spanish Culture Ministry.

Danelca S.C. continues providing installation service, and supplies to customers of TV/Radio products in the local area, which stretches from Almeria to Gibraltar in the Southern Spain.
Grupo Danelca 2012 S.L. is handling shipment and delivery via mail-order to customers worldwide, and development in data technology, such as IPTV streaming, encryption and customized access to products and services.
It is the vision of Danelca, to develop and improve our services and the general TV entertainment experience through services and functions, which gives the end user a sense of control over TV and programmes.
Our purpose with our products is to put the CUSTOMER first and to enable the customer to decide what to watch on the TV set. To provide knowledge about IPTV broadcasting, and how it works other types of IT equipment designed to receive a signal.
Unique solutions for streaming data, and distribution via multiple ISPs (Internet Service Providers). The goal is an Uptime over 99% - 2011 98,7% - 2012 99,2% - 2013 99,4% (from several sources / data centre) and collaboration with large, both local and international ISPs, to ensure easy access to our data streams.

Grupo Danelca 2012 S.L. is the running company providing the service to clients and providers of different software solutions.


Grupo Danelca 2012 S.L. 

Avda Cosmos S/N - CC Santangelo

29631 Benalmádena, Spain

Phone +34 952 850 503


KEY functions for Danelca's IPTV products are:

- Catch-up (watch TV programmes by online streaming from a 2-week back-log archive of broadcast)

- EPG menu, with program information

- Functions like Text-TV, subtitles, and navigation in programmes.

- Optional sending formats, to provide for all conditions and restrictions in the customer's local environment.

All of this is supported by permits and agreements in Spain for broadcasting and distribution of TV/radio signals.
We anticipate the continuous growth and development the coming years, and to even more functions!